Fadeco Community Radio – Karagwe Tanzania

A community Radio that was started in 2007,broadcasting in Kiswahili language in Tanzania with an estimated audience of above 5, million listeners , spread across North west part of Tanzania with an extended coverage in neighbouring countries, Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi.

 Vision of radio FADECO        

 A happy and prosperous community which is knowledgeable about current affairs and news around themselves at all times and is actively involved in day to day development undertakings.

 Mission of radio FADECO

 To stimulate rural development by facilitating access to and dissemination of information, learning resources and communication technologies in Karagwe district; and to become the leading community radio contributing to the economic and social development of the Karagwe Communities and the nation at large.

 Objectives of Radio FADECO

         To Provide, disseminate and exchange development information to the people in Karagwe district so that they can actively participate in national development and to provide affordable communication and information services to meet the socioeconomic and cultural needs of everyone in Karagwe District.”

       Help the rural communities to uphold and preserve their cultures (indigenous knowledge, practices and traditions) and help them live harmoniously live with each other and the environment. 

    To support the work of evangelization through broadcasting catechetical teaching and religious programs (including mass on Sunday and other holy days and festivities) and Christian doctrine (music, liturgy) so that, the church can reach out to more people easily and quickly.

About fadeco

Media expert from Tanzania.
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